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Panthers Rookie Cam Newton Working Out With Former NFL Quarterback Chris Weinke During Lockout

Posted by dan.parzych  
May 13, 2011

Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton is just one of the many rookies that will enter the 2011 season at a disadvantage considering they’re not allowed to work out with their new team during the lockout. Instead, these rookies are forced to work on their own in anyway possible–which Newton is currently doing in Florida.

The Associated Press discussed on Friday how Newton has been working out with former Panthers quarterback Chris Weinke in Florida for about an hour or two each day. Weinke spent two seasons of his short NFL career with the Panthers and is currently the director of the IMG Madden Football Academy–a training program that works with football players.

More from the article:

Newton said he’s been starting his days around 7 a.m. and often not finishing up until around 7 each night. He begins with treatment for any soreness lingering from previous workouts. His days also include conditioning and at least an hour or two of work with Weinke, a former Panther himself.

One of the reasons why Carolina spent the first overall pick on Newton a few weeks ago is because they knew he would bring excitement to an organization that finished last in the NFL in 2010 with a 2-14 record. Newton realizes his every move will be criticized throughout his rookie season and he appears to be doing whatever it takes to become an elite quarterback in the NFL.

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